Our Services

At Owens Financial Group, Inc., we provide expert assistance in the following broad areas, with specific emphasis related to sub-categories within the broad generic areas:

Specializing In:

  • Personal, Family & Business Planning
  • Business Owner Planning ~ Executive Bonus Plans ~ Business Continuation Planning
  • Business Stock Redemption Planning ~ Shareholder Buy/Sell Business Funding
  • Business Loan Liquidation Planning ~ Business Loan Payments if Disabled
  • Key Employee Planning for Retention – Key Employee Business Indemnification Planning
  • Employee Group Benefits – group medical plans, life, dental, disability income protection
  • Retirement Planning ~ Pension Maximization ~ 401(k) ~ Annuities
  • Estate Planning ~ Legacy & Wealth Transfer Planning ~ Charitable Giving Plans
  • Life Insurance Planning, with living benefits for Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness Diagnosis question: Are your current life insurance plans the old type or are they the newer type (term life and permanent plans) which also includes living benefits, at no additional premium? At no cost to you, we will assist you with that determination.
  • Life Policy Review & Analysis – Information You Need to Know! (complimentary service)
  • Life Policy Settlements: Appraisals & Options; want to sell your current policy? Contact us!
  • Long term Care Planning ~ Disability Income Planning ~ Mortgage Protection Planning

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